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Chaco is a brand of footwear best known for its product line of adjustable Z-strap sandals for outdoor and water use, often referred to as "Chacos". The Chaco brand also provides a variety of outdoor-influenced fashion sandals, shoes, flip-flops, boots and accessories.

Lori, a customer shared her experience: "I have purchased two pairs of Chacos shoes. The bottoms fell off of both of them. While they have a warranty, if you try to fix them yourself, the warranty is void. So, I am out on a day of fun and relaxation. My bottom falls off my shoe. I'm not supposed to try to fix it so that I can continue with my day out on the water??? I superglued the bottom back on, which did not last more than a few hours, but enough to get me through the day. Come to find out, I have now voided the warranty!! This is a ridiculous policy. If I am out and have to do what it takes in order to continue sailing, walking, and paddle boarding, rather than packing it in and go home in order to be able to send these stupid cheap shoes back to have them fixed, that is NOT cool. You should allow me to do whatever it takes to get through the day or the weekend and still stand behind your shoes!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- poor compensation for non-technical teams. - performance reviews not conducted periodically as promised. - expected to work long hours and weekends, and always be available on phone/email."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1.Unscheduled Salary Payment 2.Saturday working 3.HR overall no communication on when Salary or Bonus or F & F will come 4. Every week 'Wisdom' and boasting session by management team. Some are terrible.. THIS IS A SWEATSHOP NOT A PLACE OF WORK"

Carlos Hollywood says

"What a piece off shit wrecked company....So sad. When in Colorado they rocked and got it done they have drone idiots maybe helping you, dildoes fucks....burn their sandals with shit..."

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